What is Animal Chiropractic?




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Your animal has the ability to heal and regulate itself.  The brain and nervous system coordinate these activities.  If interference exists within the nervous system your animal’s health will suffer.  The most common interference that occurs is within the spine and it is termed the Vertebral Subluxation Complex or VSC for short.

The spine of all animals like a human’s consisting of vertebrae {spinal bones} that move in many different directions similar to a hinge. When one or more of these hinged movements gets stuck the process of VSC begins.  Muscles and ligaments tighten as well and nerves that exit between these bones get interfered with much like an electrical short circuit.  All of these nerves control organ as well as muscle function.  There is an immediate loss of normal activity within these areas and your animal’s health is diminished.  In the beginning there maybe no symptoms and thus the only way to detect VSC is through an animal chiropractic wellness check up. 

Symptoms usually appear later on during the cascade of VSC issues.  These symptoms are varied.  In a horse it may consist of tender back muscles, difficulty collecting, cinch sensitive, throwing of the head or bit, lameness, difficulty flexing at the pole, pinning of the ears, abnormal sweat pattern, and abnormal gait rhythm to just name a few.  A dog maybe sensitive to the touch, difficulty climbing stairs or just getting up, change in walking and running behavior, puppy sitting, lameness that come and goes, holding tail to one side and change in eating habits, the list goes on.

The cause can be from many different areas such as abnormal tack, confinement, organ illness, accidents and falls or just simple play.

Chiropractic care is not a substitute for vet care but rather integrative with your primary vet.  There is no requirement for vet referral but the animal chiropractor will consult your vet. 

Treatment consists of chiropractic adjustments to help unlock the VSC and improve normal nerve function and improved health.  There is no need for restraints. All of the care is done by hands and most animals experience a feeling of relief immediately.  The schedule of care is far less frequent than humans. 

Care is provided for dogs at the owners home. Care for horses involve traveling to the barn.  I serve all of New England and will be happy to arrange an appointment or chat with you on the phone.

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